Founded over five years ago, our company has quickly secured its reputation as a team of essay writing service professionals.

We are guided by a simple premise: Students deserve to have a say about their education.

This belief, however, meets many obstacles in our contemporary education system. All too often, students are overburdened with time-consuming and irrelevant assignments that do not bring them any closer to accomplishing their professional and academic goals.

Think about your experience as a student.

  • Is there a class that you are only taking to fulfill some school requirement?
  • Is there a professor whose teaching style discourages your quest for knowledge?
  • Has your amount of homework reached an unsustainable level that leaves you no time to spend with your close ones or to earn a living?

For us, the answer was yes way too often.

That's why we are dedicated to helping other students regain control of their lives. We cannot get your degree for you, but we can help you get there.


Ultimately, we would like to redefine how people pursue education.

We accomplish this-one student at a time-by providing academic help of exceptional quality.

We are guided by five values that have over years transformed into our virtues. Learn more about how they guide our business.

  • Honesty

  • Reliability

  • Diligence

  • Efficiency

  • Thoughtfulness


Where do your writers come from? How do you select them?

These are the two questions that we get most often. And understandably so—customers have every right to know who stands behind the papers they receive.

Frankly speaking, there is no such thing as a standard academic writer. All of our employees come from different paths of life.

Some are retired professionals who can’t imagine living without the subject they are passionate about.

Some are former teachers and professors who have left teaching for a variety of reasons.

Others are expats who followed their partner to another country but prefer working in English rather than the local language.

Regardless of their individual situations, two things unite all of our writers: their remarkable skills and their passion for learning.

Change your life for the better

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Our Team

Apart from our writers, our company is home to many other wonderful specialists.

It is, of course, our quality assurance team who reviews each and every order. Should they find a single mistake or unreferenced sentence, they will have the writer address the issue until the final paper is flawless.

Our customer support experts are the people our clients come into contact with most often. These nice people are ready to come to the rescue at any stage of the writing process, including before and after it.

Our marketing specialists are responsible for keeping our customers happy by designing the most attractive deals and offers for them.

Our IT team helps us ensure the safety and security of all of our online transactions. They maintain our website and fix any technical errors that may occur.

Finally, our finance department deals with all the sensitive financial transactions. They process your payments and issue refunds.

The secret to our success? We only hire people who are passionate about their jobs and who do their best to run our business smoothly.

The result? Outstanding customer service combined with exceptional order quality.